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Our current research interests are in the synthesis and characterizations of various interesting functional oxide and multifunctional materials (such as dielectric, ferroelectric, ferromagnetic, multiferroic, magnetoelectric, etc) in order to understand structure-property relationships in these materials. Applications of these materials in a variety of devices require fine tuning of their physical properties. Artificially engineered multilayered, nanocomposites, and heterostructured films of such materials are of great interest due to their novel properties, which cannot otherwise be achieved in homogeneous single phase material.

National Lab Collaborations: Our group has current collaborations with researchers from Los Alamos National Lab, Argonne National Lab, and Oak Ridge National Lab.

Our lab is located in the Gant Science Complex: Institute of Materials Science: Room 014A

Recent news from our group

    Our submission to the CLAS Funding for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiatives, titled “Supporting Minorities in Physics Through Seminars, Peer Groups, and Outreach.” has been funded for Spring 2022!! Co-PIs on this proposal are Belter Ordaz and three graduate students: Lauren Gorman, Bjorn Larsen, and Debadarshini Mishra. Big congratulations to the entire team!!
  • September 2021
    Physics graduate student Jacob joined the group for his PhD work. A big welcome Jake!

Dr. Jain

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Contact: 196A Auditorium Road, U-3046,
Department of Physics
University of Connecticut
Storrs, CT 06269-3046

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